10 Things Should Not Be Shared

Non Materialistic

  • Grief
    • You should never share your grief because grief cannot be shared. You have to drink this drink yourselves.
  • Future goals
    • If you fail in achieving your goals people mock you.
    • Sharing goals before achieving reduces the chance of getting success.
    • Work in silence, let your success speak.
  • Weakness
    • You should not tell your weakness to anyone. If you will do so then others can easily manipulate you.
  • Family Issues
    • You should not share family issues with outsiders without the permission of family members.
    • They can make situation more worse than earlier.
  • Secrets
    • You should not share the secrets of other people that you know with any third person.
    • If you are in the defense sector of your country and you know the secrets of your military or government, you shouldn’t share that secrets with anyone, either enemy or friend.
  • Struggle
    • You shouldn’t share with anyone that how much hard you are struggling in your life.
    • They will not focus on your words the reason is they are also struggling.
  • Research Ideas
    • You should not share your ideas. People can steal your ideas.


  • Smart Phone
    • Everyone needs privacy.
    • Smart phone may have few confidential docs.
  • Clothes
    • If you are sharing your clothes with others or using someone’s clothes you are giving open invitation to diseases.
  • Foods
    • To keep yourself disease free you shouldn’t share foods.

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I am from Bargarh, Odisha.

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