Is karma real? If so, then why do bad people enjoy their best?

Karma is a matter of faith, like God.

Billions of people believe in God, though no one has seen Him (or Her, or It).

Billions of people see injustice, pain and misery in the world and yet they believe that the creator of the world (God) is just, compassionate and kind.

In the same way, billions of people believe in Karma, though they can see every day that the so-called good karma (like honesty, truthfulness, kindness, love, duty, righteousness) does not necessarily lead to good outcomes (like happiness, success or contentment).

You can find the bad people succeeding in almost every field of life. For example,

  • Most successful politicians are criminals, corrupt, casteist
  • Most successful civil servants are corrupt, politically aligned, unethical
  • Most successful businessmen are tax-evaders, liars, frauds and corrupt.

In reality, life is like a game, and the best player wins the game of life.

If we imagine life as a game of tennis, the winner of the tournament is not the person who is honest and ethical, but the one who plays the best game.

And you can’t win the games of life purely by following the right means.

The Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu, wrote so wisely in ‘The Art of War’ : “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near”.

You can’t win the battles of life purely by following the right means, particularly when your opponents have no qualms in following all types of means.

The principle of Karma is designed to make the people believe that by doing good deeds, you can achieve success in life.

When most people start believing in the law of karma, it becomes easy for smart people to win the games of life.

However, the winners and heroes always attribute their success to their good karma like truthfulness, honesty, harm work etc., and smartly conceal their evil deeds, just like an iceberg exposes only a smart tip while concealing most of itself.

It is only when the complete life of winners is exposed, people come to know the (hidden) reality of these so-called heroes and winners.

When the truth of a winner is fully exposed, people discover how big frauds these great achievers really are, and how winners are almost always the worst type of human beings.

However, the myth of karma still continues since these heroes are now projected as villains by the other heroes who are still successful in concealing their true selves.

You have to, therefore, make a choice.

You can either be a good person or become a highly successful person in the world.

If you want a contented life with modest success, follow the path of karma.

However, if you seeking extraordinary success and enjoyment, drop the laws of karma, and follow the (unethical) principle of Sun Tzu, in ‘The Art of War’.

The choice is yours since life is yours.

Published by BB

I am from Bargarh, Odisha.

One thought on “Is karma real? If so, then why do bad people enjoy their best?

  1. Angel, your idea is undoubtable. The law of Karma truly work for some people. What then is the essence of life? This is where Religion concept comes in, “The existence of life after death” Life is enigmatic!


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